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            Like most social media sites, the better your profile is, the more likely it is that you will get noticed.  MADD Talent is a sports related social media site and because of this, our members build a fan base.  These “Fans” are MADD Talent members that you are connected to and enhancing your MADD Talent profile will encourage others to follow you.  This month’s Enhance Your Profile tip will be for adding a profile cover image.              So you know, this is very simple on MADD Talent and this short and easy guide will help you to add a custom profile cover image to your MADD Talent profile, which will allow you to stand out boldly on MADD Talent.

            To start with, the most optimal image size you may want to start with is 738px wide by 277px high.  This would be the largest your profile cover image would ever be displayed on MADD Talent and by starting with the largest size, your cover image looks the best it can look at the largest size.  If you create this cover image smaller, it will still work, but if your image format size is smaller than 738 x 277 it may look pixelated or blurry when viewed by other members at its largest size.  By creating your cover image at the maximum size, it will never pixelate or look blurry when it/s displayed in smaller sized.

            The next point of interest in creating the most enhanced profile cover is the format.  MADD Talent will accept just about any format you choose and the most common format used today is .bmp, which is what is typically created when you save an image in Microsoft Paint.  You can however save your image in other formats to upload onto MADD Talent as well and these would include .jpg, .gif and .png.  There is no preferred format, but, I personally use .png, which Microsoft Paint will save in as well if that is what you use to create your cover image.

            Once you have the image that is formatted to the correct size and image type, uploading that new profile cover is very simple and will take much less than a minute.  Seconds in fact.  The first thing you will need to do, obviously is log into your MADD Talent account.  If you don’t have one, you will need to create one, which you can do from here; http://madd-talent.com/register.  To upload your MADD Talent profile cover image, simply left click on the settings icon, the sprocket in the red square indicated in the below picture, and then left mouse click on the “Modify Cover” menu item, which is indicated below in the red rectangle.

            When you select the “Modify Cover” button, your file explorer should automatically open.  Simply navigate to the appropriate directory where you saved your new MADD Talent profile cover image and select it.  When you are done, MADD Talent will automatically do the rest and in a matter of seconds you should see your new cover image appear on your MADD Talent profile and you’re done.  Now, if for some reason your image does not appear to be located correctly, don’t worry.  This should not happen if you formatted your image at 738px x 377px.  If your image is not this size or ratio, it could look off centered.  Adjusting this is just as easy as uploading it.  Just select the MADD Talent settings icon again, indicated below, and this time left mouse click on the “Reposition Cover” menu item.  All you will need to do is click on the image and move it around with your mouse until it’s positioned exactly as you would like it to appear.

            That’s it.  You just enhanced your MADD Talent profile by adding a custom profile cover image.  This will allow you to make your MADD Talent profile uniquely you in anyway you like.  The more complete your MADD Talen profile is, the more you will attract new MADD Talent fans.  If you need help with any of this, please don’t hesitate to send us a message from within MADD Talent by contacting our MADD Talent site administrator, MADD Talent.  If might be a good idea to send MADD Talent a fan request so you can easily contact them for any help you may need.




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