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October 2016 MADD Talent Member of the Month

Maxine Wasa

          The October 2016 MADD Talent member of the month is Max Wasa.  This is a member we are sure you will want to be a fan of.  Max is a former Playboy Playmate that has taken her MADD Talent much further.  Miss Wasa is also a musician, a music producer, an actress and a model of course.  As an actress, Miss Wasa has been featured in several movies to include “My Stepmother is an Alien”, “House of Manson”, “No Strings 2” and “Playtime in Hell” to name just a few.  You can see more on her acting career here, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0913283.

           Miss Wasa went to Stranahan High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has been moving progressively forward since graduating.  Today Miss Wasa is very busy with her online podcast, “TORTOIS & THE HARE EXPERIENCE” which you can see online at http://www.entertheshell.com/You can become one of Max’s MADD Talent fans by going here; http://madd-talent.com/1156-max-wasa/profile and when you get there, simply select the blue “Add as Fan” button in the lower right hand corner of her MADD Talent cover image.

            You can connect to Miss Wasa on MADD Talent once you are a member by going to her MADD Talent profile here, http://madd-talent.com/1156-max-wasa/profile .  You can connect to her on Facebook here, https://www.facebook.com/MaxWasaOfficial/ and on Twitter here, @WASAmatter .

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