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DFS Army was a website blog where they would share Daily Fantasy Football strategies and advice with friends back in 2011. It was the early days of Daily Fantasy Sports and there was very little content particularly when it came to in-depth DFS Strategy. The bread and butter was their “Geek’s Vegas Lines” weekly column where they covered a combination of general DFS Strategy, Bankroll Management Techniques and Lineup Construction methodology alongside covering that week’s slate of NFL games from a Vegas Lines perspective.

They were shocked to watch as they went from a simple blog to a large following. By 2014 the weekly Vegas Lines column was getting over 20,000 hits a week! For the 2015 season, they decided to launch the DFS Army Team. It was quickly noticed via social media on twitter that there was a demand for more in-depth DFS advice and access to high-level players. They had also noticed the phenomenon of lineup sellers milking suckers out of their hard-earned cash.

They wanted to do something different. Rather than sell lineups, they teach players how to construct their own lineups. The results have been spectacular. DFS Army has grown into a year round DFS Team with top notch DFS Pros covering every sport.  They have had at least 4 team members pull off 6 figure wins in their first year and plenty of four and five figure winners.

Their VIP Slack Chat concept allows “Joes” unprecedented access to the DFS Pros. They answer questions, call out pivots, and generally root one another on. If you want to become a better Daily Fantasy Sports player and socialize with a group of likeminded and serious DFS grinders check out their membership plans listed on their website, DFS Army, and follow them on Twitter. If not they will see you from the winners circle. You’ll know them by our DFS Army avatars!

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