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Chuck Knoblauch Ventures into Social Media


          The former 2nd baseman for the NY Yankees, Chuck Knoblauch, has ventured into social media with his own new site, MADD Talent.  While MADD Talent is like most social media sites in functionality, it’s different in many ways.  MADD Talent is going to be holding its first live online event on Sunday, February 7th, 2016 at 3:30 PM EST, just 2 hours before the kick-off of Super Bowl 50.  This online live event will be what MADD Talent is calling “Game-Time” and it will act as in introduction to the site, MADD Talent.  Attending members of MADD Talent will have an opportunity to talk with the former NY Yankee and experience just one of its premier applications that makes MADD Talent so different from all the rest.



          This live online Super Bowl 50 tailgate party, hosted by Mr. Knoblauch, is free and open to the public.  To join Mr. Knoblauch at this live event, all anyone needs to do is register and become a member of his website, MADD Talent, which is absolutely free and is located here; http://madd-talent.com.  After this short registration process has been completed, you simply join the event, which is as easy as clicking a button.  Mr. Knoblauch says that they are planning a ton of Super Bowl fun for all and there will be prizes and attending members will have direct access to Mr. Knoblauch who is hosting the event.

          Mr. Knoblauch feels his new social site, MADD Talent, is a great alternative to all the other social media sites because MADD Talent has pulled out many of the limitations that the other sites have.  MADD Talent is for the most part, a sports related social media site that people of all walks of life can enjoy.  While sports is what MADD Talent primarily focuses on, anyone, from any segment of society will enjoy the site as it provides people with an avenue to be discovered for what they do best.



          If you are a comedian, just upload your best skit video and people from around the world can experience your humor.  Maybe you are a struggling musician that wants to be seen by other musicians so you can get a band started.  Just upload a video of you playing your ax.  No matter what your MADD Talent happens to be, there are people out there looking for talent like yours, so why not get the free publicity on Mr. Knoblauch’s new social media site, MADD Talent.

          Now, for all of you who want social media but with limitations on what the world gets to see and read, his site is set up for you as well.  From your profile settings page, you have complete control over what others see and read.  You can send a private message that is actually private.  MADD Talent was specifically engineered, designed and programmed for this purpose, to allow its members to participate in social media without all the worries of what the world will see.



          Mr. Knoblauch’s site also has MADD Talent Times.  This is an online magazine that publishes articles, like the one you are now reading, written by its members or anyone that wants to get published.  So if you have something to say, say it and MADD Talent will publish the article allowing the world to read it.  MADD Talent Times is driven by a very powerful publishing notification engine that reaches over 250 million potential readers multiple times a day.  This means that what you feel is important enough to not only say, but to put in writing, can potentially be seen and read by millions of people a day.

The best way for you to see all of this is drop in and become a member of MADD Talent.  It will cost you no money at all, ever, and while you are checking it out, you can easily turn off any notifications with the click of a button so you are not inundated with messages while you’re getting a feel for his new social media site, MADD Talent.  Once you are familiar with MADD Talent, you can simply turn on what you want.  All of this is very easily done from your profile settings with the click of a mouse and can be modified as frequently or as infrequently as you like.


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