About MADD Talent


        MADD Talent is the most exciting sports and entertainment social media website in the world.  MADD Talent is the first and only social media site that works for you.  MADD Talent works for you by providing you with some of the most advanced applications that allow you to get yourself and your products in front of millions of people daily.  Here are a few of the FREE applications we offer our members. 


  • MADD Talent StatBLAST - Promotional package that places you in front of millions of the people.
  • MADD Talent Live Events - Live broadcast from your location that promote your venue.
  • MADD Talent Podcast - Your recorded show or series of shows.
  • MADD Talent Video Production - Professional video production that profiles your talent.
  • MADD Talent AdAgency - Independent advertising for your company, product, service or talent.
  • MADD Talent Ticket Sales - Discounted tickets for any sports and entertainment venue in the world.
  • MADD Talent Store -  Your store on our heavily trafficked web site.
  • MADD Talent Affiliations - Service, Product and or Talent partnership.
  • MADD Talent Chat Rooms - Public and Private communications.
  • MADD Talent Game Time Live - Instant live broadcasting.